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mortekai [userpic]

Ooga, Booga!

October 17th, 2006 (02:52 pm)

current location: Chained to a desk at work
current mood: tired
current song: Battle Royale dvd menu

Ok so I just signed onto live journal because apparently that is what the internets are all about. Yeah, Live Journal, Porn and GOD HELP ME my favorite thing the little superstar. Any crap I guess this is like a test post or something because I really do not have anything to journal that is very lively right now.

So I guess I can send you in the direction of my blogspot page, which is kinda my website at the moment, for some actual content yo. To get to my page, called Mortekai is SUPER!, you can put the click right here http://mortekai.blogspot.com. I just put a post on that yesterday so there is still a little freshness to it.

I am really tired and I hate being at work but this job gives me access to the internets so I guess I like it a little. Oh and I do not have a computer at home so there is also that. A better post and comics and other fun will follow this...I promise...


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